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Evergreen Club

Evergreen Cannabis Club is proud to be setting the standards for Fine Cannabis. Our unique growing techniques developed in the last decade allow us to cultivate the finest marijuana available. We take pride in the remarkable genetics of our flowers, which grown only in coco-soil and hand-trimmed, going the extra mile to deliver the finest product at the Evergreen Dispensary. You will notice the love that we put into this plant. While we specialize in cannabis.

Whether you have never been to a dispensary or you’re a “cannaseur”, Evergreen Cannabis Club is your one-stop destination for all things cannabis! Started in 2016 as a Cannabis Social Club, Evergreen Cannabis Club offers one of the largest varieties of marijuana strains in Tenerife and WE ONLY SHARE OUR OWN BUD so you can be assured that everything from our dispensaries is of the finest quality, fully tested, and safe. We offer the largest variety of high potency concentrates, pre-rolls, infused edibles, topicals and more THC and CBD products at the most competitive prices in town!

How to Register:

To gain access you need to be at least 21 years old and you will need to receive an invitation. You can click the link This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. WhatsApp Messenger Telegram to request an invitation and fix an appointment.

To register as a member you need to contribute a fee based on your membership plan.

Mandatory Registration fee for all members € 10/y and ID card.

Fines de la Asociación

El estudio sobre la cannabis y sus posibles aplicaciones culturales, científicas y terapéuticas. Evitar el peligro para la salud de sus usuarios inherente al mercado ilegal de cannabis mediante actividades encaminadas a la prevención de los riesgos asociados a su uso.

Promover el debate social sobre su situación legal y la de sus consumidores,

Promover la agricultura ecológica en general tanto a nivel individual como comunitario , concienciando de sus beneficios para la salud y para la economía a la sociedad tinerfeña.

La realización de cursos de formación, talleres, módulos, exposiciones de obras artísticas, Conferencias, charlas, debates, foros, publicación de revistas, carteles, páginas Web, salidas o visitas guiadas con interés cultural y/o lúdico.

No constituye objetivo de la Asociación el fomento ni la difusión del consumo de sustancia algunapor medios o con fines ilegales.

ACEG - G1/S1/22213-16/TF

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