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Cannabis Club & Medical Marijuana Dispensary


How to gain access
To gain access you need to be at least 23 years old and you will need to receive an invitation from a member of the club. You can use this link to submit your request.
To register as a member you need to contribute a fee based on your membership plan. 
Guests for short durations will pay a fee of 20 € for the registration and hospitality in our facilities. 
The transport of the weed is not permitted by law. In Spain you are allowed to smoke in the club or at home.
You are not allowed to carry out weed from the club. If you do, is only on your own responsibility.
You are not allowed to disclose the location of the club. This is to keep as much as possible the access reserved. We want to maintain the discretion for our members and we want to prevent infiltration attempts by unauthorized people.
The members invited may remain in the club for a maximum of 3 hours. This will serve to prevent attitudes or misconduct by members.
To register you need a valid ID card (driver's license is not a valid ID for the registration as a member or guest of the club) and the doctor's prescription for medical consumers. For recreational users simply a self-declaration you are already a consumer.

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